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Conflicts of Mobility, and the Mobility of Conflict: Rightlessness, Presence, Subjectivity, Freedom

With the ascendancy in the United States of the Homeland Security State, a peculiar ‘war against terrorism’ has been persistently waged against migrant non-citizens as its special targets. With utter rightlessness increasingly enforced as a defining horizon for migrants, the unprecedented upsurge of protest that took the country by storm in 2006, nonetheless, refigured the…

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“Men” Who Would Be Kings: Celibacy, Emasculation, and the Re-Production of “Hijras” in Contemporary Indian Politics

At was a hot summer afternoon in the south Indian city of Secunderabad, where I did my fieldwork among hijras, better known as India’s “third sex” (Nanda, 1999) or “eunuch-transvestites” (Vyas and Shingala, 1987). I was sitting near the railway station with Sujata, one of my hijra friends and talking about her future as well…

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Men in Women’s Guise: Some Historical Instances of Female Impersonation

A survey of essays about men in who wished to “pass as women,” beginning in the 17th century and ending with the author’s contemporaries. Each chapter is dedicated to different individual, including biographical information and attempts at psychological analysis. Translated from the original French. Made and printed in Great Britain at The Mayflower Press, Plymouth.

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“Indescribable Being”: Theological Performances of Genderlessness in the Society of the Publick Universal Friend, 1776–1819

In October 1776 Jemima Wilkinson of Cumberland, Rhode Island, claimed to have died and been resurrected by the Spirit of the Lord as a genderless spirit, renamed the ‘‘Publick Universal Friend.’’ As a resurrected spirit, the Friend defied the line between living and dead, body and spirit, divine and human, and male and female. The…

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Magnus Hirschfeld: Sexualidentität und Geschichtsbewußtsein. Eine dritte Klarstellung.

Zurm dritten Mal veröffentlicht Manfred Herzer eine Replik im Zusammenhang einer Debatte, die 1998 durch die Publikation eines Essays des Verfassers ausgelöst wurde: Der Tocl Adams. Geschichts- philo-sophische Thesen zur Sexualemanzipation im Werk lufugnus Hirschfelds.2 In seinerjüngsten Re- plilq’ die den Titel Die Auflösttng. Das Schv,eigen. Hirschfeld als Prophet. Nachklänge zu J. Edgar Bauers Hirschfeld-Deutun{…

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Queer Korea

Since the end of the nineteenth century, the Korean people have faced successive waves of foreign domination, authoritarian regimes, forced dispersal, and divided development. Throughout these turbulent times, “queer” Koreans were ignored, minimized, and erased in narratives of their modern nation, East Asia, and the wider world. This interdisciplinary volume challenges such marginalization through critical…

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Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to Rupaul

“The foundational text that gave me life-changing context, helping me to understand who I was and who came before me.”—Tourmaline, activist and filmmaker Transgender Warriors is an essential read for trans people of all ages who want to learn about the towering figures who have come before them—and for everyone who is part of the…