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Deleuze and Queer Theory

By Chrysanthi Nigianni and Merl Storr, 2009

The field of Queer Theory has long been dominated by the work of Judith Butler and the focus on Performativity. This exciting collection of new work proposes a major paradigm shift in debates on sexuality: a shift away from discourse, identity and signification, to a radical new conception of bodily materialism. The themes explored in the book are diverse and include: the revisiting of the term ‘queer’; a rethinking of the sex-gender distinction as implied in Queer Theory; an exploration of queer temporalities; the non/re-reading of the homosexual body/desire and the becoming-queer of the Deleuze/Guattari philosophy. The book will be of particular interest to both queer and Deleuzian theorists, as well as to a broader audience of academics working in the vast field of feminism, gender and sexuality studies.

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