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No Other World 01

In part One of Ten, a pair of synthesized humans hitchhike away from abusive work camps of their past and into the hellish mega-cities of their future… “A strained transmission from the massive and terrifying citadel of so-called human experience? Black Iron Prison: epistle on the beauty of sadness–and salvation found through sin. Like crying…

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Charlotte Charlaque: Transfrau, Laienschauspielerin, “Königin der Brooklyn Heights Promenade”

Raimund Wolfert […] hat eine kurze, aber ungeheuer interessante Biografie über eine Patientin und Mitarbeiterin an [Magnus Hirschfelds Institut für Sexualwissenschaft] geschrieben. […] Das Buch basiert auf gründlichen und umfangreichen Archivrecherchen und beeindruckt in hohem Maß – vielleicht gerade deshalb, weil es mit so großer Deutlichkeit zeigt, dass Identitätsfragen, die wir als sehr zeittypisch erleben,…

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Self: A Study in Ethics and Endocrinology

SELF: A Study in Ethics and Endocrinology considers the psycho-physical mechanisms and reactions in human nature and destiny. This book is composed of seven chapters and begins with a description of the complexity of human body and mind, specifically their physical basis and nature of functioning. These topics are followed by a presentation on the…

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About Friday

When an online crush and her bougie girlfriend relocate to their small town, a punk barista and her—sort of partner—roommate are forced to reconcile their impulsive behaviour before it complicates their already misunderstood relationship.

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Gender futurity, intersectional autoethnography: Embodied theorizing from the margins

Gender Futurity, Intersectional Autoethnography showcases a collection of narrative and autoethnographic research that unpacks the complexity of gender at its intersections, i.e. by ability, race, sexuality, religion, beauty, geography, spatiality, community, performance, politics, socio-economic status, education, and many other markers of difference. The book focuses on gender as it is lived, chaperoned, and chaperones other…