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Two Spirit: Counseling Native American Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People

The cultural world of the Two Spirit, the traditional role of Native individuals believed to possess both male and female spirit, is explored in both “old ways” and current-day experiences. Cultural beliefs and meanings around sexual identity are discussed from a Native perspective with recommendations for counseling Two Spirit clients.

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Performing the techno-self: Paul B. Preciado’s Testo Junkie as a twenty-first century feminist narrative

This article examines Paul B. Preciado’s Testo Junkie as portraying the need for a postpornographic trans* feminism that contests homonormative queer and feminist responses to LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual) individuals in neoliberal French and Francophone societies during the rise of far-right anti-gender movements. Interrogating Preciado’s autotheory text, which questions what…

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The Institution of Berdache Among the North American Plains Indians

The institution of berdache in aboriginal North America is a relatively well-known phenomena among social scientists, yet a thorough, comprehensive investigation of the institution is lacking. In general, it involved a socially recognized means by which an individual might assume the dress, role, and status of the opposite sex. In this paper, the institution of…

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This Bridge of Two Backs: Making the Two-Spirit Erotics of Community

Esselen/Chumash poet Deborah A. Miranda’s 2002 groundbreaking essay “Dildos, Hummingbirds, and Driving Her Crazy” begins with a conversation about the erotic in a classroom – a conversation about private or intimate matters in a public space. […] Miranda’s essay focuses on a specifically lesbian indigenous erotics in the work of Menominee poet Chrystos. Her emphatic…

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Manifesto Contrassexual: Práticas Subversivas de Identidade Sexual

Este manifesto não se parece com nada que você já tenha lido. Aqui, o aclamado filósofo espanhol Beatriz Preciado dinamita, com seu humor corrosivo e rigor teórico, tudo aquilo que se entende por sexualidade. Os estereótipos homem/mulher, homo/hétero, natural/artificial vão progressivamente sendo despedaçados através das análises que o autor faz sobre o dildo, a história…

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Writing the Lives of “Travestis” and “Jotas”: Ethnographies of Gender Transgression and Commercial Sexual Exchange in Latin America

Review Essay Mema’s House, Mexico City: On Transvestites, Queens and Machos. By Annick Prieur. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998. Travesti: Sex, Gender, and Culture Among Brazilian Transgendered Prostitutes. By Don Kulick. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998.

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“You’re in the Wrong Bathroom!” And 20 Other Myths and Misconceptions about Transgender and Gender-nonconforming People

Debunks the twenty-one most common myths and misperceptions about transgender issues From Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner to Thomas Beatie (“the pregnant man”) and transgender youth, coverage of trans lives has been exploding–yet so much misinformation persists. Bringing together the medical, social, psychological, and political aspects of being trans in the United States today, “You’re…