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It’s A Sin To Kill A Mockingbird: Writings on Scout Schultz, Queer Anarchist Killed by Georgia Tech Police

On Friday, September 16 2017, 21-year old Scout Schultz was shot and killed by police at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Scout was active in campus LGBT groups and identified as intersex. Scout was a part of local organized antifascist initiatives and was an anarchist. When news spread of their death, friends, family, and classmates…

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Homo Economics Capitalism, Community, and Lesbian and Gay Life

Homo Economics is the first honest account of the tense relationship between gay people and the economy. This groundbreaking collection brings together a variety of voices from the worlds of journalism, activism, academia, the arts, and public policy to address issues including the recent economic history of the gay community, the community’s response to its…

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Men in Women’s Guise: Some Historical Instances of Female Impersonation

A survey of essays about men in who wished to “pass as women,” beginning in the 17th century and ending with the author’s contemporaries. Each chapter is dedicated to different individual, including biographical information and attempts at psychological analysis. Translated from the original French. Made and printed in Great Britain at The Mayflower Press, Plymouth.

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“Indescribable Being”: Theological Performances of Genderlessness in the Society of the Publick Universal Friend, 1776–1819

In October 1776 Jemima Wilkinson of Cumberland, Rhode Island, claimed to have died and been resurrected by the Spirit of the Lord as a genderless spirit, renamed the ‘‘Publick Universal Friend.’’ As a resurrected spirit, the Friend defied the line between living and dead, body and spirit, divine and human, and male and female. The…

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Irreducible Damage: The Affective Drift of Race, Gender, and Disability in Anti-Trans Rhetorics

Abstract: This essay examines social panic surrounding trans youth, arguing that rhetorics supporting “rapid onset gender dysphoria” (ROGD) emerge from and reinforce hegemonic scripts about race, gender, sexuality, and dis/ability. Building from Jay Dolmage’s concept of “disability drift,” I demonstrate how anti-trans activists channel other social anxieties into transphobia. Arguments about ROGD frame trans people…

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An Ethics of Attentiveness: Photographic Portraits and Deviant Dwelling in German Queer and Trans Archives

Photographic portraits of queer subjects from the early 20th century—shaped by early medical-scientific and legal practices—have often been identified with hegemonic ways of seeing, even when they re restaged in the present. In this article we argue that bringing an ethics of attentiveness to the analysis of such photographs reveals not only how embodied subjectivities…