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No Other World 01

In part One of Ten, a pair of synthesized humans hitchhike away from abusive work camps of their past and into the hellish mega-cities of their future… “A strained transmission from the massive and terrifying citadel of so-called human experience? Black Iron Prison: epistle on the beauty of sadness–and salvation found through sin. Like crying…

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Unlearning Cisheteronormativity at the Intersections of Difference: Performing Queer Worldmaking through Collaged Relational Autoethnography

B. LeMaster, Danny Shultz, J. Nyla, Gray Bowers, and Rusty Rust. “Unlearning Cisheteronormativity at the Intersections of Difference: Performing Queer Worldmaking through Collaged Relational Autoethnography.” Text and Performance Quarterly, vol. 39, no. 4, 2019, pp. 341-370.

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Transsexualita a jiné poruchy pohlavní identity

The book that most czech sexuologists require you to read before diagnosing you – read it here for free. Below is czech description of the content. Transsexualita v posledních letech vzbuzuje čím dál tím víc pozornost odborníků nejrůznějších oborů, laické veřejnosti i médií. Spolu se vzrůstajícím zájmem o tuto problematiku narůstá i nutnost lépe pochopit…

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Hijras, Sangomas, and Their Translects

This essay focuses on hijras in India and on male women sangomas in Zulu gender-differentiated possession cults in South Africa. We approach these individuals through the travelling concept of “translects”, in the sense in which hijras and sangomas as “transgender individuals” cultivating a culture-specific, gender liminality use words to refer to themselves, their body parts,…

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Competencies for Counseling with Transgender Clients

This document contains suggested competencies for use in counseling with transgender clients. These competencies are geared toward professionally trained counselors who work with transgender individuals, families, groups, or communities. These competencies are based on a wellness (e.g., Myers & Sweeney, 2005), resilience (Singh, Hays, & Watson, in press), and strength-based approach (e.g., Bockting, Knudson &…