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Voices of Transgender Children in Early Childhood Education: Reflections on Resistance and Resiliency (Critical Cultural Studies of Childhood)

By Ashley L. Sullivan and Laurie L. Urraro, 2019

This volume explores transgender children and internalized body normalization in early childhood education settings, steeped in critical methodologies including post-structuralism, queer theory, and feminist approaches. The book marries theory and praxis, submitting to current and future teachers a text that not only presents authentic narratives about trans children in early childhood education, but also analyzes the forces at work behind gender policing, gender segregation, and transphobic education policies. As the struggles and triumphs of trans individuals have reached a watershed moment in the social fabric of the United States, this text offers a snapshot into the lives of ten transgender people as they reflect on their earliest memories in the American educational system.

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