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Men in Women’s Guise: Some Historical Instances of Female Impersonation

A survey of essays about men in who wished to “pass as women,” beginning in the 17th century and ending with the author’s contemporaries. Each chapter is dedicated to different individual, including biographical information and attempts at psychological analysis. Translated from the original French. Made and printed in Great Britain at The Mayflower Press, Plymouth.

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Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Among Contemporary Youth: Generation Sex

Researchers, practitioners, and parents have increasingly become concerned about issues related to sex, gender, and sexuality among children and adolescents. With access to the Internet, young people around the globe can readily obtain virtually any and all information they seek concerning sex and sexuality. In many cultures, the clothing and fashions of children, adolescents, and…

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Introducing Gender and Women’s Studies – Fifth Edition

At a time where, after decades of progress in gender and sexual rights, people in many parts of the world are facing new forms of resistance and opposition to gender equality, this timely publication confirms the continuing importance and relevance of gender and women’s studies.The fifth edition of this best-selling textbook provides a comprehensive overview…

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Camp Trans

An anthology of poetry and essays created by trans folks supporting and partaking in Camp Trans, an event created out of protest of the trans-exclusionary “womyn-born-womyn” Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. This 2001 iteration of Camp Trans continues a tradition started in the ’90s, as a part-protest-part-celebration for trans liberation and against the TERF groups which…

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AIDS and the Distribution of Crises

AIDS and the Distribution of Crises engages with the AIDS pandemic as a network of varied historical, overlapping, and ongoing crises born of global capitalism and colonial, racialized, gendered, and sexual violence. Drawing on their investments in activism, media, anticolonialism, feminism, and queer and trans of color critiques, the scholars, activists, and artists in this…

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No Other World 01

In part One of Ten, a pair of synthesized humans hitchhike away from abusive work camps of their past and into the hellish mega-cities of their future… “A strained transmission from the massive and terrifying citadel of so-called human experience? Black Iron Prison: epistle on the beauty of sadness–and salvation found through sin. Like crying…

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Gender futurity, intersectional autoethnography: Embodied theorizing from the margins

Gender Futurity, Intersectional Autoethnography showcases a collection of narrative and autoethnographic research that unpacks the complexity of gender at its intersections, i.e. by ability, race, sexuality, religion, beauty, geography, spatiality, community, performance, politics, socio-economic status, education, and many other markers of difference. The book focuses on gender as it is lived, chaperoned, and chaperones other…