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Providing Affirming Care to Transgender and Gender-Diverse Youth

A SpringerBrief in Child Health, “Providing Affirming Care to Transgender and Gender-Diverse Youth” discusses current practice and policy; emerging science and best practices related to cutting edge work in the field; and anticipated changes, recommendations, and strategies to achieve the best healthcare for transgender and gender-diverse children and their families. In 2018, the American Academy…

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A Japanese Electra and Her Queer Progeny

Mori Mari’s 1961 novella “Koibitotachi no mori” (“A Lovers’ Forest”) is the first story of a trilogy she wrote about passionate and doomed love affairs between older men and beautiful young boys.1 Mari’s work is invariably cited by Japanese scholars as the antecedent of a genre of manga and popular novels written by women for…

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Transgender Children and the Right to Transition: Medical Ethics When Parents Mean Well but Cause Harm

In this article, I argue that (1) transgender adolescents should have the legal right to access puberty-blocking treatment (PBT) without parental approval, and (2) the state has a role to play in publicizing information about gender dysphoria. Not only are transgender children harmed psychologically and physically via lack of access to PBT, but PBT is…

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Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Among Contemporary Youth: Generation Sex

Researchers, practitioners, and parents have increasingly become concerned about issues related to sex, gender, and sexuality among children and adolescents. With access to the Internet, young people around the globe can readily obtain virtually any and all information they seek concerning sex and sexuality. In many cultures, the clothing and fashions of children, adolescents, and…

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Camp Trans

An anthology of poetry and essays created by trans folks supporting and partaking in Camp Trans, an event created out of protest of the trans-exclusionary “womyn-born-womyn” Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. This 2001 iteration of Camp Trans continues a tradition started in the ’90s, as a part-protest-part-celebration for trans liberation and against the TERF groups which…

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No Other World 01

In part One of Ten, a pair of synthesized humans hitchhike away from abusive work camps of their past and into the hellish mega-cities of their future… “A strained transmission from the massive and terrifying citadel of so-called human experience? Black Iron Prison: epistle on the beauty of sadness–and salvation found through sin. Like crying…

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Performing (Asian American Trans) Femme on RuPaul’s Drag Race: Dis/Orienting Racialized Gender, or, Performing Trans Femme of Color, Regardless

Lore/tta LeMaster and Michael Tristano, Jr. “Performing (Asian American Trans) Femme on RuPaul’s Drag Race: Dis/Orienting Racialized Gender, or, Performing Trans Femme of Color, Regardless.” Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 1-18.