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Requested texts:
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– Trans/forming Feminisms: Transfeminist Voices Speak Out
– Transgender and Gender Diverse Health Care: The Fenway Guide (Alex S. Keuroghlian, Jennifer Potter, and Sari L. Reisner)
– The Freedom to Be: Stories from Transgender Youth, Adults, and Their Families (Diana J. Ensign)
– Queerly Canadian (Scott Rayter and Laine Halpern Zisman)
– TransNarratives (Kristi Carter and James Brunton)
– Teaching about Gender Diversity (Susan W. Woolley and Lee Airton)
– Pass with Care: Memoirs (Cooper Lee Bombardie)
– The Trans Self-Care Workbook: A Coloring Book and Journal for Trans and Non-Binary People (Theo Nicole Lorenz)
– Trans Activism in Canada (Dan Irving and Rupert Raj)
– Becoming a woman: a biography of Christine Jorgensen (Richard F. Docter)
– Wound From The Mouth Of A Wound (torrin a. greathouse)
– Continuum (Chella Man)
– Queerly Autistic (Erin Ekins)
– Sasha Marsha (Agnes Borinsky)
– Hollywood’s Obsession (Angela Douglas)
– Something Like Gravity (Amber Smith)
– Strange Dreams (Melanie Gillman)
– You’ll Be Fine (Jen Michalski)
– I’m Not a Girl (Maddox Lyons and Jessica Verdi)
– Trans+: Love, Sex, and Being You (Kathryn Gonzales)
– RAISING OLLIE: How My Nonbinary Art-Nerd Kid Changed (Nearly) Everything I Know (Tom Rademacher)
– Sex Changes: Transgender Politics (Patrick Califia)
– A Natural History of Transition (Callum Angus)
– Troubling the Line Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics (T.C. Tolbert)
– Trans+: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You (Kathryn Gonzales and Karen Rayne)
– Transgender Rights (Martin Gitlin)
– Rainbow: A First Book of Pride (Michael Genhart)
– Revision and resistance: mistikôsiwak (Wooden Boat People) at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Suda Sasha, Shirley Madill, and Kent Monkman)
– The Triumph of Mischief (Kent Monkman)
– What Are Your Words (Katherine Locke)
– Being You: A First Conversation About Gender (Megan Madison and Jessica Ralli)
– Sexual metamorphosis : an anthology of transsexual memoirs (Jonathan Ames), also available from Archive.org
– Speaking Sex to Power: The Politics of Queer Sex (Patrick Califia)
– XOXO: A Memoir (Kimberly M. Zieselman)
– Genderfail, an Anthology: On Failure 1 (Be Oakley)
– In a Word: Trans (Justin Hubbell)
– Skate for your Life (Leo Baker)
– Gender Blending: Confronting the Limits of Duality
– Interpellations: Three Essays on Kent Monkman (Michele Theriault and Jonathan D.)
– Two Spirit Acts: Queer Indigenous Performances (Jean O’Hara)
– Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience (Kent Monkman)
– Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex
– Cheer Up! Love and Pompoms (Crystal Frasier)
– On The Science of Changing Sex: A Layman’s Guide to Transsexuality and Transgenderism (Kay Brown)
– Queering Families: The Postmodern Partnerships of Cisgender Women and Transgender Men (Carla A. Pfeffer)
– Promised Land (2017, Caitlin Spice, Adam Reynolds, & Chaz Harris)
– From Female to Male: The Life of Jack Bee Garland (Lou Sullivan)
– Gender Trash From Hell issues 1 and 3 (Zine, Xanthra Phillippa)
– In the Closet with Eddie Murphy (Candace Watkins/Carnal Candy)
– She’s No Lady: The Story of Jamie Lee Hamilton (Barbara Daniel)

– Maiden Voyage (2018, Caitlin Spice, Adam Reynolds, & Chaz Harris)
– Confessions of a Teenage Transsexual Whore
– Raven Wild (Caitlin Spice, Adam Reynolds, & Chaz Harris)
– Out of Salem (Hal Schrieve)
– Living Life Between Two Worlds: The Story of A Transsexual Experience (Mike Jolls)
– Emergence: A Transsexual Autobiography (Mario Martino)
– Transgender in Nederland (Dutch, Alex Bakker)
– Transcendent 3: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction
– Lady Boys, Tom Boys, Rent Boys: Male and Female Homosexualities in Contemporary Thailand (Gerard Sullivan and Peter Jackson)
– The Transgender Teen (Stephanie Brill and Lisa Kenney)
– Undercover Girl: Growing up transgender
– The Last Time I Wore a Dress
(Dylan Scholinski)
– Queer and Trans Voices: Achieving Liberation Through Consistent Anti-Oppression (J. Feliz Brueck and Z. McNeill)
– How the Pandemic Made Me Rethink Gender (Sarah Mirk)
– From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea
– The Transgender Men’s Guide to Life: Overcoming Doubt and Negative Thoughts to Begin Transitioning Towards Your True Gender
– The Transgender Monologues, Gender, Sexuality, and LGBT Life
– The Apartheid of Sex (Martine Rothblatt)
– Where’s the Mother? Stories from a Transgender Dad
– Paralian: Not Just Transgender
– Transitioning: Matter, Gender, Thought
– LGBTQ: The Survival Guide for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Teens (Kelly Madrone)
– As the Crow Flies (Melanie Gillman)
– Wandering Son (Takako Shimura)
– Transgender People (Tamara Thompson)
– Trans/Substantiation: The Metaphysics of Transgender
– Sliders: The Dark Side of Transgender
– Second Chance: A Transgender Thriller
– F2m (Hazel Edwards)
– Comics by Julia Kaye
– Flamingo Rampant (publisher)
– FTM Magazine (any issue)
– Missing texts from the Digital Trans Reading List
– Missing texts from the The YA/MG Trans & Nonbinary Voices Masterlist
– Zines from Anchor Archive Zine Library
– Zines from the Queer Zines project

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