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About Friday

When an online crush and her bougie girlfriend relocate to their small town, a punk barista and her—sort of partner—roommate are forced to reconcile their impulsive behaviour before it complicates their already misunderstood relationship.

Drama Fiction

Fashion Victime

Lorsque Jana devient top-modèle, elle découvre que la réalité du métier n’a rien à voir avec l’image que l’on s’en fait… Dans un parc d’attractions, Jana, seize ans, se fait repérer par un agent de mannequins. Après hésitation, la jeune fille accepte et signe un contrat. Elle défile bientôt pour les plus grands noms de…

Drama Fiction Horror Suspense/Thriller


Content Warning: Blood, Body Horror, Death, Depictions of Torture, Dysphoria, Genocide, Gore, Murder, Violence. Zoe Dreyfus is normal, at least by any average metric. She likes horror movies, she goes to church, on weekends she hikes with her friend. But when fully-formed eyes start ripping out of Zoe’s body at random, she’ll get a new…

Drama Fiction

Zeina, bacha posh (Littérature) (French Edition)

Née à Kaboul, Zeina n’a que trois ans à la mort de son père. Selon une coutume ancestrale, elle sera une bacha posh, une fille déguisée en garçon, seul moyen de survivre à la honte d’une famille de femmes dans un pays où elles ne peuvent se déplacer qu’accompagnées d’un homme.À la puberté, elle refuse…

Drama Fiction

Bow Grip: A Novel

Ivan E. Coyote is one of North America’s most beguiling storytellers and the author of three story collections, including Loose End, which was shortlisted for the Ferro-Grumley Award for Fiction in 2006. Bow Grip, Coyote’s first novel, is a breathtaking story about love and loneliness; in it, a good-hearted, small-town mechanic struggles to deal with…

Drama Fiction Humanities Journal/Diary

I Love Dick

A self-described failed filmmaker falls obsessively in love with her theorist-husband’s colleague: a manifesto for a new kind of feminism and the power of first-person narration. In I Love Dick, published in 1997, Chris Kraus, author of Aliens & Anorexia, Torpor, and Video Green, boldly tore away the veil that separates fiction from reality and…

Biography Drama Fiction


Darryl Cook is a man who seems to have everything: a quiet home in Western Oregon, a beautiful wife, and a lot of friends to fuck her while he watches. But as he explores the cuckolding lifestyle, he finds himself tugging at threads that threaten to unravel his marriage, his town, and himself. With empathy…

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The Slow Fix

The first three story collections by Ivan E. Coyote featured insightful, deeply personal tales about gender, identity, and community, based on their own experiences growing up queer in Canada’s North. Ivan’s most recent book, Bow Grip, was their first novel; it was shortlisted for the Ferro-Grumley Prize for Women’s Fiction, was named a Stonewall Honor…