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“Reborn”: A Factual Life Story of a Transition from Male to Female

Tamara Rees’ autobiography (author name listed as “Tamara Reese”). “This story has its beginning early in the childhood of a person born on May 15, 1924 in Kansas City, Missouri. The family consists of a father, mother and three livingchildren and one still born. The story concerns myself, the middle child, born and surrounded by…

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Clean (Dutch Edition)

Als socialite Lexi Volkov bijna bezwijkt aan een overdosis, denkt ze haar absolute dieptepunt bereikt te hebben. Maar dat ziet ze verkeerd. Dat dieptepunt komt pas bij de gedwongen opname in een exclusieve afkickkliniek. Hier leert Lexi weer uit het diepe dal omhoog te klimmen, samen met haar medepatiënten, waaronder de geheimzinnige Brady. Terwijl ze…

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Becoming a woman: a biography of Christine Jorgensen

Discover the remarkable woman behind the legend.Discover Christine Jorgensens remarkable, inspirational journey to become the woman she always knew she should have been. Becoming a A Biography of Christine Jorgensen provides fascinating insights about the woman who opened doorsand mindson behalf of sexual minorities. This book chronicles Christines drive, ability to solve problems, immense determination,…

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A memoir in her most personal voice, Teri Louise Kelly tells us what it is like to be born in the wrong body. “Let’s forget the flounce and frills and sugar and spice; this isn’t Cinderella and there aren’t any glass slippers or pumpkins that change into carriages, but there is the simple madness of…

Drama Fiction


Bree is your average twenty-something artist: talented, a bit neurotic… and head over heels in love with her roommate Jake. There’s only one problem: Jake only knows Bree’s male alter ego, Brian! Fortunately for her, her best friend Jasmine has a plan to bring Bree into the light of day once and for all, and…

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School-leaver Skye plays guitar in an all-female Chronic Cramps band. Joining the punk/indie scene is easier than FTM (female to male) transitioning: from Skye to Finn, from girl to transman. ‘f2m;the boy within’ was the first YA novel about transitioning co-written by an ftm. It has also inspired a comic graphic novel ‘The Boy Within’…

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No Other World 01

In part One of Ten, a pair of synthesized humans hitchhike away from abusive work camps of their past and into the hellish mega-cities of their future… “A strained transmission from the massive and terrifying citadel of so-called human experience? Black Iron Prison: epistle on the beauty of sadness–and salvation found through sin. Like crying…

Drama Fiction Short Story

About Friday

When an online crush and her bougie girlfriend relocate to their small town, a punk barista and her—sort of partner—roommate are forced to reconcile their impulsive behaviour before it complicates their already misunderstood relationship.

Drama Fiction

Fashion Victime

Lorsque Jana devient top-modèle, elle découvre que la réalité du métier n’a rien à voir avec l’image que l’on s’en fait… Dans un parc d’attractions, Jana, seize ans, se fait repérer par un agent de mannequins. Après hésitation, la jeune fille accepte et signe un contrat. Elle défile bientôt pour les plus grands noms de…

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Content Warning: Blood, Body Horror, Death, Depictions of Torture, Dysphoria, Genocide, Gore, Murder, Violence. Zoe Dreyfus is normal, at least by any average metric. She likes horror movies, she goes to church, on weekends she hikes with her friend. But when fully-formed eyes start ripping out of Zoe’s body at random, she’ll get a new…