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The Slow Fix

The first three story collections by Ivan E. Coyote featured insightful, deeply personal tales about gender, identity, and community, based on their own experiences growing up queer in Canada’s North. Ivan’s most recent book, Bow Grip, was their first novel; it was shortlisted for the Ferro-Grumley Prize for Women’s Fiction, was named a Stonewall Honor…

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This Heart Holds Many: My Life as the Nonbinary Millennial Child of a Polyamorous Family

Many of us were asked by our mother to do the dishes as children. Perhaps some of us would need to be asked more than once. Koe Creation was the type who’d get asked three times, by three different mothers. Crowded parent-teacher conferences, queer youth summer camp, and parental adoptions over potluck dinner were typical…

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Becoming Two-Spirit: Gay Identity and Social Acceptance in Indian Country

The Two-Spirit man occupies a singular place in Native American culture, balancing the male and the female spirit even as he tries to blend gay and Native identity. The accompanying ambiguities of gender and culture come into vivid relief in the powerful and poignant Becoming Two-Spirit, the first book to take an in-depth look at…

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Boy-Wives and Female Husbands: Studies in African Homosexualities

A significant contribution to anthropology, history, and gender studies that reveals the denials of homosexuality in traditional and contemporary African societies to be rooted in colonialist ideologies. Among the many myths created about Africa, the claim that homosexuality and gender diversity are absent or incidental is one of the oldest and most enduring. Historians, anthropologists,…

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Intrapersonal and Social-Contextual Factors Related to Psychological Well-being among Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Homeless youth are typically defined as a group of adolescents and young adults (ages 12-24) who do not have stable dwellings, but instead live on the streets, in shelters or abandoned buildings, or in other unstable situations (e.g., doubling up with friends). Given the myriad of hardships, stressors, and marginalization faced by youth as they…

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“It’s kind of hard to go to the doctor’s office if you’re hated there.” A call for gender-affirming care from transgender and gender diverse adolescents in the United States

Research has identified discrimination and a lack of knowledgeable providers as major barriers for transgender and gender diverse (TGD) individuals seeking care, which contributes to greater stress and significant health disparities affecting this population. However, research involving TGD youth is limited. The aim of this study, therefore, was to describe TGD adolescents’ experiences, concerns and…

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The Misrepresentation of Sophia Burset: The Reality of Trans Women within the Carceral State

“What I seek to tear apart at and address is the misrepresentation of Sophia Burset as a subject alone placed within a women’s detention center, when the reality for most trans women is that we on a systematic level are still today forced into men’s places of detention despite wholeheartedly identifying as women.”