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Behind the mask: On sexual demons, sacred mothers, transvestites, gangsters, drifters and other Japanese cultural heroes

Lots about the difference between Japanese Buddhist aristocratic culture and Shinto popular culture–with examples from films, plays, novels, prostitution–pegged, indeed chained, to the familiar idea that “hedonism is held in check by social taboos.” I.e., “what one sees on the screen, on stage and in comic-books is usually precisely the reverse of normal behavior.

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Becoming Dragon: a mixed reality, durational performance in second life

The goal for Becoming Dragon was to develop a working, immersive Mixed Reality system by using a motion capture system and head mounted display to control a character in Second Life – a Massively Multiplayer Online 3D environment – in order to examine a number of questions regarding identity, gender and the transformative potential of…

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The Singing Teacher’s Guide to Transgender Voices

The Singing Teacher’s Guide to Transgender Voices is the first comprehensive resource developed for training transgender and nonbinary singers. This text aids in the development of voice pedagogy tailored to the needs of transgender singers, informed by cultural competence, and bolstered by personal narratives of trans and nonbinary singing students. The singing life of a…

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The Transvestite Achilles: Gender and Genre in Statius’ Achilleid

As we follow Achilles’ metamorphosis from wild boy to demure girl to lover to hero, Statius brilliantly illustrates a series of contrasting codes of behavior: male and female, epic and elegiac. This first full-length study of the poem addresses not only the narrative itself, but also sets the myth of Achilles on Scyros within a…

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Making Trans Cinema: A Roundtable Discussion with Felix Endara, Reina Gossett, Chase Joynt, Jess Mac and Madsen Minax

In conversation with Jules Rosskam, trans filmmakers Felix Endara, Chase Joynt, Reina Gossett, Madsen Minax, and Jess Mac explore the contemporary state of trans cinema production, trans methodologies and social practices, the corporeality of cinema, and the relationship between theory and practice. Like somatechnics complicates the term ‘body modification,’ cinema broadens the ways in which…

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X-RECEPTION Re-mediating Trans- Feminist and Queer Performance Art

This chapter attends to the importance of building infrastructures of and for Trans- Feminist and Queer (TFQ) cabarets across platforms in order to host the cabaret’s mobility, and the conditions of vulnerability and risk that emerge for trans- feminist and queer performers and audiences with each new physical and online venue. TFQ scenes tend to…

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My Words to Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix – Performing Transgender Rage

The following work is a textual adaptation of a performance piece originally presented at “Rage Across the Disciplines,” an arts, humanities, and social sciences conference held June 10-12, 1993 at California State University, San Marcos. The interdisciplinary nature of the conference, its theme, and the organizers’ call for both performances and academic papers inspired me…