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The Persistent Desire: A Femme-Butch Reader

In this “canonical” anthology of Butch-Femme identities, Joan Nestle traces 200 years of lesbian history, from letters to memoirs to short stories. Nestle surveys a decade of the attempt to reconstruct and understand the meaning and value of butch-femme relations for the contemporary lesbian, drawing on oral history, fiction, poetry, and fantasy.

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The Transgender Phenomenon

“Ekins and King offer a comprehensive overview of the diversity of contemporary transgender expression, along with an impressive conceptual framework for making sense of that diversity. The abundant case vignettes bring the authors? concepts to life and make the book a pleasure to read” – Dr Anne Lawrence “The field of “transgender” and “transpositionality” has…

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Sex and “Unsex”: Histories of Gender Trouble in Eighteenth-Century North America

This article argues that residents of late eighteenth-century North America had access to a wide vocabulary for describing and experiencing variation in sexual behavior and self-presentation. Building on work in eighteenth-century science studies, this article reminds us that gender, a term that was used during the eighteenth century to describe groups of either sex, was…