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Feminist International: How to Change Everything

A leader of Latin America’s powerful new women’s movement rethinks the meaning of feminist politics Recent years have seen massive feminist mobilisations in virtually every continent, overturning social mores and repressive legislation. As women filled the streets of Argentina and Madrid, of Italy and Poland, they’ve transformed the meaning of radical politics and the grammar…

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Queering the Countryside: New Frontiers in Rural Queer Studies

Rural queer experience is often hidden or ignored, and presumed to be alienating, lacking, and incomplete without connections to a gay culture that exists in an urban elsewhere. Queering the Countryside offers the first comprehensive look at queer desires found in rural America from a genuinely multi-disciplinary perspective. This collection of original essays confronts the…

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Introduction to Transgender Studies

This is the first introductory textbook intended for transgender/trans studies at the undergraduate level. The book can also be used for related courses in LGBTQ, queer, and gender/feminist studies. It encompasses and connects global contexts, intersecting identities, historic and contemporary issues, literature, history, politics, art, and culture. Ardel Haefele-Thomas embraces the richness of intersecting identities—how…

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Nepantla: An Anthology Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color

The first major literary anthology for queer poets of color in the United States In 2014, Christopher Soto and Lambda Literary Foundation founded the online journal Nepantla, with the mission to nurture, celebrate, and preserve diversity within the queer poetry community, including contributions as diverse in style and form, as the experiences of QPOC in…

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Trans-feminism: exploring the connections between feminism and transgender

A zine produced by the Feminist Activist Forum in July 2008. Contents include: – Changing the stories of trans-sexuality: A conversation between Red and Kris – Policed Social Boundaries by Robin – Trans-Feminism by Sherry O. – Why I Am A Trans Ally by Debi – 10 reasons why I am such a bad (tranny)…

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Two Spirit: Counseling Native American Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People

The cultural world of the Two Spirit, the traditional role of Native individuals believed to possess both male and female spirit, is explored in both “old ways” and current-day experiences. Cultural beliefs and meanings around sexual identity are discussed from a Native perspective with recommendations for counseling Two Spirit clients.