Natural Sciences Nonfiction Reference/Guide/Manual

Pediatric Gender Identity: Gender-affirming Care for Transgender & Gender Diverse Youth

A comprehensive guide to supporting transgender and gender-diverse youth clinicians, educators, researchers, and families Covers a range of topics including gender-affirming medical and surgical care, mental health supports, legal topics, and the latest relevant neuroscience Written by international experts in the field of pediatric gender identity

Children's Humanities Nonfiction Reference/Guide/Manual Social Sciences Theory

Radically Listening to Transgender Children: Creating Epistemic Justice through Critical Reflection and Resistant Imaginations

This book is for early childhood educators committed to learning about gender [in]justice as a foundation for creating gender affirming early learning environments for all children including those who are transgender and gender expansive (TGE). The authors engage in progressive and contemporary thinking about gender acknowledging its complexity, intersectionality, diversity and dynamism. They draw on…

History Nonfiction Reference/Guide/Manual

Global Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) History (2nd edition)

This encyclopedia covers LGBTQ topics in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East, as well as North America, and takes an interdisciplinary approach to the subject, using film, literature, human rights, politics, landmark legislation, activism, the arts, language, sports, and historical events as points of entry into the content. While…

Anthology Fantasy Fiction Historical Fiction History Humanities Nonfiction Reference/Guide/Manual

Cassell’s Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol, and Spirit

Did you know that in medieval French folklore a person might change sex by passing under a rainbow? Or that same-sex unions have been celebrated by peoples of the ancient Mediterranean, Africa, China, and indigenous America? Or that Sappho, da Vinci, Emily Dickinson, Nijinsky, Benjamin Britten, Mishima, Adrienne Rich, Audre Lorde, Keith Haring, Boy George,…

Horror Humanities Nonfiction Reference/Guide/Manual Social Sciences

The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Theory

The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Theory provides a rich overview of the analytical frameworks and theoretical concepts that feminist theorists have developed to analyze the known world. Featuring leading feminist theorists from diverse regions of the globe, this collection delves into forty-nine subject areas, demonstrating the complexity of feminist challenges to established knowledge, while also…

Anthology Art Critique Nonfiction Photography Reference/Guide/Manual Social Sciences

Extra Bold: A Feminist, Inclusive, Anti-Racist, Nonbinary Field Guide for Graphic Designers

The (design) career guide for everyone! Extra Bold is the inclusive, practical, and informative career handbook that we’ve all been waiting for. Part textbook and part comic book, zine, manifesto, survival guide, and self-help manual, Extra Bold is filled with stories and ideas that don’t show up in other career books or design overviews. The…

Humanities Nonfiction Reference/Guide/Manual Social Sciences

Living Free & Equal: What States Are Doing to Tackle Violence and Discrimination Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex People

The OHCHR publication “Living Free and Equal” provides an analysis of more than 200 examples of what States are doing to tackle violence and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and intersex people. It offers concrete guidance and inspiration for States based on initiatives taken by Governments, courts, parliaments, national human rights institutions and…

Essay Nonfiction Reference/Guide/Manual Social Sciences

Two Spirit: Counseling Native American Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People

The cultural world of the Two Spirit, the traditional role of Native individuals believed to possess both male and female spirit, is explored in both “old ways” and current-day experiences. Cultural beliefs and meanings around sexual identity are discussed from a Native perspective with recommendations for counseling Two Spirit clients.

Essay Humanities Nonfiction Reference/Guide/Manual Social Sciences

Poverty in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and two-spirit (LGBTQ2S+) populations in Canada: an intersectional review of the literature

Despite the prominence of poverty in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirit, and other sexual and gender minorities (LGBTQ2S+) in Canada, studies that centre the material conditions of these groups as sites of inquiry remain scant. Accordingly, in this paper we present an intersectional narrative review of the limited Canadian literature on LGBTQ2S+ poverty. We…

Nonfiction Reference/Guide/Manual Social Sciences

The Kutenai Female Berdache: Courier, Guide, Prophetess, and Warrior

Instances of male sexual deviation were apparently not infrequent among the Indians of northwestern North America and certain tribes particularly in that area were noted for such sexual aberrancy. The assumption of a masculine role and status by women, however, was of comparatively rare occurrence. An unusual instance of female incongruity was met with among…