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Lady boys, tom boys, rent boys: male and female homosexualities in contemporary Thailand

Lady Boys, Tom Boys, Rent Boys: Male and Female Homosexualities in Contemporary Thailand offers methods that will help social workers, researchers, and students create HIV/AIDS intervention services for gay men, lesbians, and transgender individuals in or from Thailand. Many of these methods can also be used by practitioners or HIV/AIDS educators in North America and…

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The Testosterone Files

Transition memoir, structured around the experience of hormonal transition. Valerio writes a lot about how his politics and assumptions as a lesbian feminist were challenged and made more complex by the experience of FtM transition, reflecting on his changing inner experience and social reception. Valerio is an American Indian (Blackfoot)/Latino poet, performer, and writer.

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Immunising Birthsex: Ontology’s Place in the Pandemic

On 30 March 2020, the Hungarian parliament approved emergency measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, granting prime minister Viktor Orbán the power to rule by decree. The very next day, the government repealed the legal recognition of transgenderism, ruling that assignations of biological sex are binary and permanent. The decision to place sexual difference…