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The Transgender Phenomenon

By Richard Ekins and Dave King, 2006

“Ekins and King offer a comprehensive overview of the diversity of contemporary transgender expression, along with an impressive conceptual framework for making sense of that diversity. The abundant case vignettes bring the authors? concepts to life and make the book a pleasure to read”

– Dr Anne Lawrence

“The field of “transgender” and “transpositionality” has been carved out as a new field of inquiry in the past decade, showing the fragmentation and diversification of masculinities and feminities – along with the error of any sharp polarisation. Dave King and Richard Ekins are the leading world sociologists in this field and have mined it richly since the 1970?s. The book brings together a brilliant synthesis of history, case studies, ideas and positions as they have emerged over the past thirty years, and brings together a rich but always grounded account of this field, providing a state of the art of critical concepts and ideas to take this field further during the twenty first century. This is a must read for all interested in this new area of inquiry”

– Ken Plummer

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