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Twenty Minutes

These newsletters were published by The XX Club from 1988 to 1997. The newsletter was originally titled Twenty Minutes but was rebranded Twenty in 1991. These publications provided information to and support for members of the transgender community by publishing personal accounts as well as academic writings. Topics include gender realignment surgery and hormone therapy,…

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Der Erotische Verkleidungstrieb (Die Transvestiten)

Im textlichen Teile des Buches: „Die Transvestiten“ sprachen wir die Absicht aus, in einem besonderen illustrierten Teile die in diesem Werke bekundeten Ausführungen durch instruktive Abbildungen zu ergänzen, sofern danach in größerer Anzahl Wünsche an uns heran­ treten würden. Solche Anliegen sind uns bei dem über Erwarten großen Interesse, das dem Buche „Die Transvestiten“ entgegengebracht…

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Women in Men’s Guise

In a former work, “Men in Women’s Guise,” we dealt with some curious examples of the human species: the Abbé de Choisy, the Abbé d’Entraignes, Philippe d’Orléans, the Chevalier d’Eon, Savalette de Lange, and many others. Of those strange personalities, we propose to select two to serve as a kind of introduction to the present…

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Men in Women’s Guise: Some Historical Instances of Female Impersonation

A survey of essays about men in who wished to “pass as women,” beginning in the 17th century and ending with the author’s contemporaries. Each chapter is dedicated to different individual, including biographical information and attempts at psychological analysis. Translated from the original French. Made and printed in Great Britain at The Mayflower Press, Plymouth.