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Homo Economics Capitalism, Community, and Lesbian and Gay Life

Homo Economics is the first honest account of the tense relationship between gay people and the economy. This groundbreaking collection brings together a variety of voices from the worlds of journalism, activism, academia, the arts, and public policy to address issues including the recent economic history of the gay community, the community’s response to its…

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Trans Feminist Epistemologies in the US Second Wave

Why do “second wave” and “trans feminism” rarely get considered together? Challenging the idea that trans feminism is antagonistic to, or arrived after, second wave feminism, Emily Cousens re-orients trans epistemologies as crucial sites of second wave feminist theorising. By revisiting the contributions of trans individuals writing in underground print publications, as well as the…

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Queer Pulp: Perverted Passions from the Golden Age of the Paperback

From homicidal homos to locked-up lesbians, and almost every sexually dangerous combination in between, Queer Pulp: Perverted Passions from the Golden Age of the Paperback is the first complete expose of queer sexuality in mid-twentieth century paperbacks. Compellingly written by historian Susan Stryker, Queer Pulp gives a complete overview of the cultural, political, and economic…

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Expanding the Parameters of Feminist Artivism

This book explores the work and careers of women, trans, and third-gender artists engaged in political activism. While some artists negotiated their own political status in their indigenous communities, others responded to global issues of military dictatorship, racial discrimination, or masculine privilege in regions other than their own. Women, trans, and third-gender artists continue to…

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The Hirschfeld Archives

nfluential sexologist and activist Magnus Hirschfeld founded Berlin’s Institute of Sexual Sciences in 1919 as a home and workplace to study homosexual rights activism and support transgender people. It was destroyed by the Nazis in 1933. This episode in history prompted Heike Bauer to ask, Is violence an intrinsic part of modern queer culture? The…

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Der Erotische Verkleidungstrieb (Die Transvestiten)

Im textlichen Teile des Buches: „Die Transvestiten“ sprachen wir die Absicht aus, in einem besonderen illustrierten Teile die in diesem Werke bekundeten Ausführungen durch instruktive Abbildungen zu ergänzen, sofern danach in größerer Anzahl Wünsche an uns heran­ treten würden. Solche Anliegen sind uns bei dem über Erwarten großen Interesse, das dem Buche „Die Transvestiten“ entgegengebracht…

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Women in Men’s Guise

In a former work, “Men in Women’s Guise,” we dealt with some curious examples of the human species: the Abbé de Choisy, the Abbé d’Entraignes, Philippe d’Orléans, the Chevalier d’Eon, Savalette de Lange, and many others. Of those strange personalities, we propose to select two to serve as a kind of introduction to the present…

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Men in Women’s Guise: Some Historical Instances of Female Impersonation

A survey of essays about men in who wished to “pass as women,” beginning in the 17th century and ending with the author’s contemporaries. Each chapter is dedicated to different individual, including biographical information and attempts at psychological analysis. Translated from the original French. Made and printed in Great Britain at The Mayflower Press, Plymouth.