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The Normalization of Queer Theory

“Queer” is such a simple, unassuming little word. Who ever could have guessed that we would come to saddle it with so much pretentious baggage-so many grandiose theories, political agendas, philosophical projects, apocalyptic meanings? A word that was once commonly understood to mean “strange,” “odd,” “unusual,” “abnormal,” or “sick,” and was routinely applied to lesbians…

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Queens, hookers, and hustlers: Organizing for survival and revolt amongst gender-variant sex workers, 1950-1970

“The history of the resistance of gender-variant misfits and rebels is incomplete without understanding the central role of hooker networks that united hustlers, queens, hair fairies, and radicals during the 1950s and ’60s, a pivotal era that led to the first gay riots that had the police fleeing the streets in San Francisco and New…

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Warias, National Transvestites

In A Coincidence of Desires, Tom Boellstorff considers how interdisciplinary collaboration between anthropology and queer studies might enrich both fields. For more than a decade he has visited Indonesia, both as an anthropologist exploring gender and sexuality and as an activist involved in HIV prevention work. Drawing on these experiences, he provides several in-depth case…

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Transgender Issues and the Law

This year, scholars and activists are marking the twentieth anniversary of “the enunciation and analysis of ‘intersectionality’ by legal theorist Kimberle W. Crenshaw.” The early 1990s also saw the emergence of some important galvanizing texts in what would come to be identified as trans studies and trans politics, especially Leslie Feinberg’s Stone Butch Blues and…

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Notes toward Racial and Gender Justice Ally Practice in Legal Academia

The many ways that academia generally and legal academia specifically produce and reproduce hierarchical norms and standards of race, gender, sexuality, ability and class have been explored in the articles in this volume and many oth- ers. Because the university is both a location of the production of knowledge that is often central to sexist,…

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Methodologies of Trans Resistance

In the past ten years, trans issues and activism have emerged with a new level of energy and visibility that crosses the legal, cultural, and activist realms. Trans rights protections in the law are growing at a fast pace, with seven US states now explicitly naming gender identity and/or expression discrimination as a forbidden category…

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Trans: Gender and Race in an Age of Unsettled Identity

This provocative and perceptive book argues that the current ‘trans moment’ presents an unparalleled opportunity for exploring vernacular classification systems and political claims about identities. Transposing and generalizing to the arena of race and ethnicity insights developed by transgender and feminist analysts, Trans reveals the paradoxical deployment of social construction, contingency, and biology.