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Trans-feminism: exploring the connections between feminism and transgender

By Feminist Activist Forum, 2008

A zine produced by the Feminist Activist Forum in July 2008. Contents include:
– Changing the stories of trans-sexuality: A conversation between Red and Kris
– Policed Social Boundaries by Robin
– Trans-Feminism by Sherry O.
– Why I Am A Trans Ally by Debi
– 10 reasons why I am such a bad (tranny) woman by Joan Jones
– Real Men Don’t Kiss Men: Patriarchy and public displays of affection; despatches from beyond the binary by Kit Roskelly
– Beyond the Binary: Creating New Models of Identity by Kris Hubley
– Gender by Lizzie Ward
– “Reclaiming Gender”: On building coalition between “Reclaim the Night” and Trans activism by Cass
– Trans* 101 by helen g

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