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TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly Volume 1 (1-2): Postposttranssexual

By Susan Stryker and Paisley Currah, 2014

Welcome toTSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, which we intend to be thejournal of record for the rapidly consolidating interdisciplinary field oftransgender studies. Although the field is only now gaining a foothold in theacademy, the termtransgenderhas a long history that reflects multiple, sometimesoverlapping, sometimes even contested meanings. For some, it marks variousforms of gender crossing; for others, it signals ways of occupying genders thatconfound the gender binary. For some, it confers the recognition necessary foridentity-based rights claims; for others, it is a tool to critically explore the dis-tribution of inequality. The termtransgender, then, carries its own antinomies:Does it help make or undermine gender identities and expressions? Is it a way ofbeing gendered or a way of doing gender? Is it an identification or a method? Apromise or a threat? Although we retaintransgenderin the full, formal title of thisjournal, we invite you to imagine theTinTSQas standing in for whatever versionoftrans-best suits you–and we imagine many of our readers, like us, will moveback and forth among several of them. We call your attention as well to our use ofthe asterisk (symbol of the open-ended search) in the journal’s logo, our hopefullynot-too-obscure gesture toward the inherently unfinishable combinatorial workof thetrans-prefix. Whatever your critical, political, or personal investment inparticular trans- terminologies, we hope that you will find–or make–an intel-lectual home for yourself here.

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