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TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly Volume 2 (3): Trans*formational Pedagogies

By Z Nicolazzo, Susan B. Marine, and Francisco J. Galarte, 2015

In 2005, the Sundance docu-series Transgeneration first aired, chronicling an entire academic year in the lives of four trans*-identified college students and introducing viewers to issues that trans-identified college students grapple with at institutions of higher education. Ten years later, as transgender studies has begun institutionalizing itself as an interdisciplinary field and “transgender” and trans* narratives have become almost routine in mainstream entertainment, the editors of this special issue on trans* pedagogy find ourselves confronted with a paradox. While there is in general unprecedented social awareness of trans* identities, (particular) trans* people, and trans* issues, there has yet to be a serious concentrated effort to explore trans* subjectivities, identities, and experiences in educational contexts.

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