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TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly Volume 5 (3): Trans-in-Asia, Asia-in-Trans

By Howard Chiang, Todd A. Henry, and Helen Hok-Sze Leung, 2018

This special issue originated in the concerns of three members of TSQ’s editorial board. We were troubled that the various intellectual fields in which we operate do not adequately speak to one another and that bridging dialogues were necessary to foreground a host of marginalized and unnamed subjects. Broadly speaking, these fields are Asian studies and queer/trans1 studies. They also intersect with the various concerns and approaches of our respective and overlapping disciplines, which include history, anthropology, science, medicine, literature, film, mass media, and cultural studies. This interdisciplinary matrix also characterizes the pioneering work of the authors who actively responded to this special issue, “Trans-in-Asia, Asia-in-Trans.”

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