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Nonfiction Reference/Guide/Manual

20 Steps to Successfully Passing as a Woman in Public: A Crossdresser’s Companion

By Louise Allen & Jane Butt, 2011

This ebook covers the most important components of a truly feminine presence, appearance and beauty. Based on our work with many transvestite and transgender people over the years, we’ve distilled the most important information into this easy-to-read ‘companion’. Learn to cultivate the subtle feminine cues: the power of submissiveness, the charm of vulnerability and the guidance of your feelings. You’ll find easy-to-follow exercises, like visualisation, to enhance your feminine presence, and we’ll show you how to access the confidence-boosting potential of positive thinking. Of course, we briefly cover a few tricks of the trade for hiding ‘that’ bulge, applying make-up, finding your feminine voice and your trans name.

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