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A Trans Popstar’s World: When Life Dreams and Being Transgender Collide

By Talaine Mare, 2014

This book is about a trans perspective on various social issues trans people often face. It is written for both trans people and other people interested in learning about trans lives. It is based on the author’s own experiences as well as the many stories of real life trans people she has come across over many years. There were three aims in the writing of this book: to provide a picture of what trans lives are really like to interested non-trans people, to stimulate discussion in the trans community on some important issues we face, and to hopefully inspire some trans people to think about these issues. Of course, not every trans person wants to be a pop star (actually the title is supposed to be tongue in cheek). However, the issues dealt with in the book are equally applicable to trans people wanting to pursue their dreams in a wide variety of life settings.

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