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Becoming a woman: a biography of Christine Jorgensen

By Richard F. Docter, 2007

Discover the remarkable woman behind the legend.Discover Christine Jorgensens remarkable, inspirational journey to become the woman she always knew she should have been. Becoming a A Biography of Christine Jorgensen provides fascinating insights about the woman who opened doorsand mindson behalf of sexual minorities. This book chronicles Christines drive, ability to solve problems, immense determination, and just plain luck as she transformed herself into her true genderand reveals facets of her personality previously undisclosed by other biographies of her life.Christine Jorgensen was a major contributor to the unfolding of the so-called sexual revolution in America. Becoming a A Biography of Christine Jorgensen is the story of one courageous individual overcoming personal and social barriers, enduring the difficult compromises that needed to be made, and the ultimate realization of goals. This revealing warts-and-all biography tells Christines real story while examining the history of transsexuality in western societies, the medical intervention provided to her, and insightful profiles of Alfred C. Kinsey, Georges Burou, Harry Benjamin, and Christian Hamburger. The appearance and characteristics of cross dressers are also discussed, as well as their lifestyles are contrasted with transsexual persons.

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