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Bloodhunters v1: Bad Blood

By Xine Fury, 2022

Fourteen thousand lives, gone in an instant. A ruthless terrorist on the loose. The largest bounty ever posted. IGP Earthstation 1 was the largest police station in the galaxy. Designed to deploy officers anywhere on Earth at a moment’s notice, this orbiting fortress was a symbol of protection to all those it defended. The aftermath of its destruction leaves the galaxy in turmoil. Crime rates soar. With the police too understaffed to pursue the woman responsible, a reward is crowdfunded for her capture. The total climbs at an astronomical rate, promising infinite wealth to whoever brings her in. Ruthless bounty hunters come out of the woodwork, each determined to be the sole winner of the prize. An ex-cop who wants to avenge the deaths of his friends. A trans woman who needs the money for her transition. A mysterious, shadowy woman from a planet of legend. Of course, everyone knows that the most likely victor will be Bloodstone, the galaxy’s most prolific bounty hunter. But when this inscrutable mercenary winds up on a stolen freighter, with a crew that includes a shapeshifter, a not-quite-cyborg, a telepathic alien, and a pirate, this diverse group is forced to work together as a team. Bloodhunters Volume 1 is a novella, followed by a collection of episodic short stories.

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