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Corpus: An Interdisciplinary Reader on Bodies and Knowledge

By Monica J. Casper (Editor), and Paisley Currah (Editor), 2011

Corpus begins with the argument that traditional disciplines are unable to fully apprehend the body and embodiment and asserts that critical study of these topics urgently demands interdisciplinary approaches. The collection’s 13 previously unpublished essays grapple with the place of bodies in a range of twenty-first century knowledge practices, including trauma, surveillance, aging, fat, food, feminist technoscience, death, biopolitics, and race, among others. The book’s projected audience includes teachers and scholars of bodies and embodiment, interdisciplinary scholars and practitioners, and scholars interested in the any of the substantive content covered in the book. The collection may be of interest to anyone reading or writing in the areas of: cultural studies; queer, gender and sexuality studies; body and power; biopolitics; intersectional approaches to the body; anthropology of the body; sociology of the body; embodiment and space; digital bodies; anthropology of knowledge production; health, illness, and medicine studies; science, knowledge, and technology studies; and philosophy and social theory. Table of Contents: Paisley Currah and Monica J. Casper, Bringing Forth the Body Michelle Murphy, Distributed Reproduction Dylan Rodríguez, Multiculturalist White Supremacy and the Substructure of the Body Jonathan Xavier Inda, Materializing Hope: Racial Pharmaceuticals, Suffering Bodies, and Biological Citizenship Darcy Freedman, Embodying Food Studies: Unpacking the Ways We Become What We Eat Kathleen LeBesco, Epistemologies of Fatness: The Political Contours of Embodiment in Fat Studies Lisa Jean Moore and Lara Rodriguez, Identities without Bodies: The New Sexuality Studies Diana Mincyte, “The Bugs of the Earth”: Reflections on Nature, Power, and the Laboring Body Shoshana Magnet, The Audible Body: RFIDs, Surveillance, and Bodily Scrutiny Mary Kosut, Virtual Body Modification: Embodiment, Identity and Nonconforming Avatars Maurice Stevens, Trauma’s Essential Bodies Stephen Katz, Hold On!: Falling, Embodiment and the Materiality of Old Age George Sanders, The Gimmick: or, The Productive Labor of Non-living Bodies

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