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Depression and Attempted Suicide among LGBTQ College Students: Fostering Resilience to the Effects of Heterosexism and Cisgenderism on Campus

By Michael R. Woodford, Genevieve Weber, Z Nicolazzo, Renee Hunt, Alex Kulick, Todd Coleman, Simon Coulombe, and Kristen A. Renn, 2018

Little is known is about the impacts of covert and overt discrimination and the protective factors for depression and suicide among LGBTQ students. Using multivariable regression analyses of a national sample of cisgender lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer students and trans* students (n = 776), we examined the association between mental health and microaggressions, victimization, psychological resilience, pride, and outness. In models of all risk and protective factors, interpersonal microaggressions was a risk factor for depression and attempted suicide among cisgender LGBQ students and was also a risk factor among trans* students for depression. In all but 1 model, resilience was a protective factor. Resilience moderated the microaggressions–suicide relationship among cisgender LGBQ students, whereas pride moderated the victimization– depression relationship among trans* students.

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