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Editorial: Politics and gender: rocking political science and creating new horizons

By Petra Ahrens, Karen Celis Vrije, Sarah Childs Royal Holloway, and Isabelle Engeli, 2018

We are immensely proud to launch the European Journal of Politics and Gender (EJPG). The EJPG is the flagship journal of the European Conference on Politics and Gender (ECPG). We founded this journal in the belief that gender is central to understanding politics: the EJPG explores the multiple and interconnected dimensions that shape structures of power within politics. We are committed to publishing agenda-setting research on politics and gender that reflects the theoretical, methodological and epistemological diversity of the discipline. The EJPG provides a space for dialogue across the broad spectrum of politics and gender research. It is the result of numerous conversations in which we, the founding editors, and others, identified the need for such an international journal. We are indebted to the pioneering work of political scientists in Europe and elsewhere, whose rigorous research and collective organising made sure that the study of politics and gender is no longer a sideshow. It has – in all its variety – become part of the discipline.

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