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Far-Right Revisionism and the End of History Alt/Histories

By Louie Dean Valencia-García, 2020

In Far-Right Revisionism and the End of History: Alt/Histories, historians, sociologists, neuroscientists, lawyers, cultural critics, and literary and media scholars come together to offer an interconnected and comparative collection for understanding how contemporary far-right, neo-fascist, Alt-Right, Identitarian and New Right movements have proposed revisions and counter-narratives to accepted understandings of history, fact and narrative. The innovative essays found here bring forward urgent questions to diverse public, academic, and politically minded audiences interested in how historical understandings of race, gender, class, nationalism, religion, law, technology and the sciences have been distorted by these far-right movements. If scholars of the last twenty years, like Francis Fukuyama, believed that neoliberalism marked an ‘end of history’, this volume shows how the far right is effectively threatening democracy and its institutions through the dissemination of alt-facts and histories. Table of Contents: 1. Far-Right Revisionism and the End of History Louie Dean Valencia-García Part I: Rewriting the Past: The History of History and Alternate Timelines 2. The Myth of the Myth of the Andalusian Paradise: The Extreme Right and the American Revision of the History and Historiography of Medieval Spain S.J. Pearce 3. The Black Legend and Its Shadow: Re-writing Colonial Narratives, the Blind Spots of Racism and the Rise of Conservative Nationalisms René Carrasco 4. The Far Right and Women’s History Charlotte Mears 5. The Wheel That Never Ceases: Reinventions of the Spanish Second Republic for a New National Right (2004-2017) Iker Itoiz Ciáurriz 6. The Alternative Historiography of the Alt-Right: Conservative Historical Subjectivity from the Tea Party to Trump A.J. Bauer 7. The Extremist Construction of Identity in the Historical Narratives of Alexander Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory Charles Robert Sullivan and Amy Fisher-Smith Part II: The Past in the Present: History in the Public Sphere 8. The Problem of Alt-Right Medievalist White Supremacy, and Its Black Medievalist Answer Cord J. Whitaker 9. Getting Medieval Post-Charlottesville: Medievalism and the Alt-Right Thomas Blake 10. Dresden Will Never Be Hiroshima: Morality, the Bomb and Far-Right Empathy for the Refugee A.K.M. Skarpelis 11. Between Past and Present: Allied Sexual Violence as a ‘Usable Past’ in Contemporary Italy Stephanie De Paola 12. ‘Long Live the Polarization’: The Brazilian Radical Right and the Uses of the Past Under Jair Bolsonaro Vinícius Bivar Part III: History of the Future: Law, Science and Technology 13. Hate Groups and Greco-Roman Antiquity Online: To Rehabilitate or Reconsider? Curtis Dozier 14. Past Continues: The Instrumentalisation of History in the Countries of Former Yugoslavia Maja Nenadovic and Mario Mažic 15. Esoteric Fascism Online: 4chan and the Kali Yuga Marc Tuters and the Open Intelligence Lab 16. The Rise and Fall of the Far Right in the Digital Age Louie Dean Valencia-García 17. Transforming the Law: Canada’s Bill C-16, Gender and Post-Truth Politics Tyler Stacy 18. ‘A Large and Longstanding Body’: Historical Authority in the Science of Sex Jeffrey W. Lockhart 19. Essentially a Lie: Challenging Biological Essentialist Interpretations of Transgender Neurology Tristan Fehr 20. The Country of the Future No More Lauri Tähtinen

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