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Gender Dysphoria: Interdisciplinary Approaches in Clinical Management

By Edmond J Coleman, Walter O Bockting, 1993

n exploration of the diverse presentations of gender dysphoria and how it affects an individual’s physical, psychological, social, and sexual adjustment, Gender Dysphoria provides comprehensive and applicable treatment approaches available for a wide spectrum of presentations of this disorder. The need for evaluating and treating gender dysphoria in the context of the gender dysphoric client’s overall mental and physical health is stressed. International experts in the clinical management of gender dysphoria contribute valuable information on contemporary approaches in assessment, psychological and medical treatment, and adjustment of individuals with gender identity disorders. In Gender Dysphoria, clinicians will find important information on hormone therapy options and their physical results and side effects, and the effectiveness of sex reassignment surgery in improving a gender dysphoric client’s adjustment. This comprehensive book covers a wealth of topics essential for clinicians who treat gender dysphoria, including: terminology and classification of gender identity disorders a validation of the “Cross-Gender Questionnaire,” a newly developed clinical assessment tool reported regrets of post-surgical transsexuals the affective component of gender dysphoria in young boys a model for identifying and treating gender identity disorder in females a thorough description of a comprehensive treatment approach for a wide spectrum of presentations of gender dysphoria Filled with useful information on the clinical management of gender identity disorders, Gender Dysphoria meets the practical needs of clinical sexologists, psychotherapists, counselors, social workers, physicians, sex researchers, social scientists, and specialists who evaluate and treat gender dysphoria.

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