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Growth from adversity in trans and gender diverse people of color

By Lee N. Taube and Alexander J. Mussap, 2020

Background: Trans-negativity and gender-based discrimination negatively impact on the wellbeing and mental health in transgender (trans) and gender diverse people (TGD). There is limited research on TGD people thriving under adversity, and no research to date has considered TGD people of color in this context. Method: We used the Post-Traumatic Growth Inventory (PTGI-X) to survey 125 TGD people of color and 625 white TGD adults (18 to 68 years old, M = 26.0, SD = 9.2) about their experiences of growth from adversity. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), using sub-sampling to compensate for our unequal sample sizes, supported a five-factor structure of the PTGI-X consisting of growth in relating to others, finding new possibilities, personal strength, greater appreciation of life, and spiritual/existential change. Measurement invariance tests confirmed configural, metric, and scalar invariance of this structure across the two TGD subgroups.

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