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Health insurance literacy and health service utilization among college students

By Tyler G James, Meagan K Sullivan, Leanne Dumeny, Katherine Lindsey, JeeWon Cheong, and Guy Nicolette , 2020

Objective: Health literacy and health insurance literacy affect healthcare utilization. The purpose of this study was to determine the relation between health insurance knowledge, self-efficacy, and student healthcare utilization in the past year. Participants: A random sample of 1,450 respondents, over the age of 18, attending a public university in the southeastern United States completed a survey in March 2017. Methods: A model was constructed to test the effect of health insurance self-efficacy on the relation between knowledge and healthcare utilization in the past year. Results: Health insurance knowledge (M = 5.8, range 0-10) and self-efficacy (M = 2.48, range 1-4) were low. Self-efficacy was a significant moderator when explaining healthcare utilization in the past year. Conclusions: College students have low knowledge and self-efficacy regarding health insurance. These findings can be used for developing policies and self-efficacy-based health education programs that may increase student healthcare utilization. Keywords: College health; health insurance knowledge; health insurance literacy; health insurance self-efficacy; healthcare utilization.

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