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“I Am My Own Gender”: Resilience Strategies of Trans Youth

By Anneliese A. Singh, Sarah E. Meng, Anthony W. Hansen, 2012

Nineteen trans youth participated in a phenomenological study of their resilience strategies for navigating stressors in their lives. The authors identified 5 supports and 6 threats to participants’ resilience. The 5 themes of resilience were: (a) ability to self-define and theorize one’s gender, (b) proactive agency and access to supportive educational systems, (c) connection to a trans-affirming community, (d) reframing of mental health challenges, and (e) navigation of relationships with family and friends. The 6 major threats to participants’ resilience were: (a) experiences of adultism, (b) health care access challenges, (c) emotional and social isolation, (d) employment discrimination, (e) limited access to financial resources, and (f) gender policing.

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