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Information for the Family of the Transsexual and Children with Gender Idenity Disturbances

By Erickson Educational Foundation, 1977

WHO IS THE TRANSEXUAL The transexual is a member of the human family, even as you and I, for whom life, in several critical respects, has been and still may be more complex than it is for us. This very broad answer to what may be for you an anguished question nevertheless will be seen to go to the heart of the matter and of your concern. When a member of the family of a transexual poses this question, he is not expressing a general or academic interest. His interest is practical, intensely so. What he is asking, in fact, is: how did my transexual son or daughter come to be as he or she is?; is his condition reversible?; if not, how may I help him?’ These implied questions shall receive the close attention they deserve. But to all answers our first answer will be seen to point the way, as it enjoins the respect, concern and love without which our most enlightened attempts to be of assistance must inevitably fall short of the mark.

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