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Intersex Stories and Statistics from Australia

By Tiffany Jones, Bonnie Hart, Morgan Carpenter, Gavi Ansara, William Leonard, and Jayne Lucke, 2016

Key Points: • Human sex is more complex than is widely assumed, and intersex variations are to be expected within the human race as a natural expression of this complexity. • People with intersex variations have long faced issues of visibility and stigma, although this is beginning to be challenged. • There has been a lack of affirming sociological research; existing studies on people with intersex variations were mainly conducted in medical frames in the past. • There are many theoretical frames used in the field, most of these frames erase what are anecdotally people with intersex variations’ most urgent concerns. • There is a strong need for a distinct ‘Intersex Studies’ field devoted entirely to intersex issues; considering the perspectives and experiences of people with intersex variations themselves.

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