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Art Critique Essay Humanities Nonfiction Theory

INTIMACIES BEYOND THE SCREEN. Trans-visibility, the City and Exit Scapes in Tangerine (2014) and By Crook or by Hook (2001)

By Thao Ho, 2019

Nonce ontologies, she explains is “a phenomenological improvisation on the relationship between thinking and being that has always already taken root in an ethical and political being-in-the-middle-of something” (150). Consequently, nonce ontologies tell us to re-engage with what is “naive, sincere, uncomplicated, unironic, uncritical, unstrategic, or just plain ordinary about everyday being in the world,” or as Husserl puts it, a “return” to the naivete of life (150) . As, moore has stated, fabulousness is not a theory limited to “ high-end academic discourse. […] It’s a theory of the everyday that is happening right now, a theory of survival, a theory that’s alive, a theory we can look at, a theory we can experience” (moore 71). The next part will therefore talk about the phenomenology of the everyday life, as well as dive into reclaimed spaces in the city, and then will move on to an analysis of Tangerine and By Hook or By Crook that revolve around the mundane, the getting by, the everyday life struggles of their trans protagonists in the city, a dream place for many.

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