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LGBTQ+ Librarianship in the 21st Century: Emerging Directions of Advocacy and Community Engagement in Diverse Information Environments Vol: 45

By Bharat Mehra, 2019

Libraries are at the heart of many of the communities they serve. Increasingly, it is important for them to adjust to serve minority groups, including LGBTQ+ communities. This collection presents original scholarship on the emerging directions of advocacy and community engagement in LGBTQ+ librarianship. With contributions from library and information professionals, this volume explores how librarians and library professionals can embrace a more proactive role as social justice advocates, and help promote fairness, justice, equality, equity, and activism on behalf of LGBTQ+ people. Starting within the library space, the volume offers an introduction to terminology and resources around LGBTQ+ information, before moving on to explore examples of how LGBTQ+ librarianship can adopt innovative approaches to better serve their patrons in select settings around the world. Including case studies on health services, historical archives, and LGBTQ+ homelessness, this collection dispels misperceptions and myths surrounding social justice research and is vital for any researcher or practitioner interested in supporting evolving communities.

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