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Manifesto of the Trans and Nonbinary Socialists Association

By Trans and Nonbinary Socialists Association, 2018

In tumultuous times such as these, we see an ever-growing call for revolutionary anti-capitalist organizing around the world. But the capitalist world is one hostile to the very existence and well-being of trans and nonbi- nary people. We must organize to protect ourselves and our comrades. We seek to create through horizontal means an empowering revolutionary network of solidarity and mutual aid, so that we may assist our siblings in their struggles and lay the foundation for revolutionary change in our society. As such, we have formed the Trans and Nonbinary Socialists Association. We declare ourselves against the international and systemic oppression brought about through the capitalist system that has caused such pain to those in our community. As an association of comrades, we will fight to protect and aid both our own members and our comrades in the broader community who face oppression everyday. We as an organization will not stop fighting until all trans and nonbinary people are fully and truly free.

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