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Of Straddlers and Rebels: Growing Gender Diversity Among Millennials Is a Fact: Where the Millennials Will Take Us: A New Generation Wrestles with the Gender Structure

By Daniela Jauk, 2018

How is the gender structure understood today by the millennials? Are gender revolutions that have been sparked by the second women’s movement of the 1970s still blooming? Are we facing a retrograde political phase as conservative backlashes smother all attempts at gender innovation? Gender structure in this context is not just a phrase, but also a nuanced, multidimensional theoretical framework on which Risman has worked for much of her career as a sociologist. After an introductory chapter, she presents a thoroughly revised version of her model Gender as Social Structure. It offers a viable option for scholars who want to bring power differentials and macro-level analyses back into focus. This revival is particularly important because gender is individualized in contemporary media and scholarly discourse, which creates new opportunities for agency and liberation, but it is also depoliticizes structural inequalities and oppressions

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