History Nonfiction

Out of the Closets and Into the Libraries

By bangarang collective, Unknown

This zine actively reflects the difference we have to honor and celebrate as radical queers fighting for a world through various movements and organization and identities. The difference (race, class, gender, ability, citizenship, etc) that is often violently erased by mainstream identity politics based organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is integral and necessary to queer liberation. This zine attempts to celebrate these differences in the united states by including trans folks, working class queers, and people of color. This ‘zine is not an attempt at a complete and definitive radical queer history. Such a goal is neither possible nor desirable. Also, this zine is not all original work. A lot of the pieces are gathered from here and there, plagiarized at will to shed some light on our histories that are all to often hidden. Reproduce at will, photocopy like crazy, and teach each other. We’ve got lots of learning to do!

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