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Pubertal Suppression in Transgender Youth 1st Edition

By Courtney Finlayson, 2018

Offering current guidelines on the relatively new practice of puberty suppression for gender-dysphoric adolescents, Pubertal Suppression in Transgender Youth provides a succinct, easy-to-digest overview of this timely topic. This concise, clinically-focused resource by Dr. Courtney Finlayson covers all relevant topics, from a brief history of medical care of transgender youth to emerging developments in the field. Table of Contents: 1. History of Transgender Care of Youth 2. Models of Care and Current Guidelines for Care of Transgender Individuals 3. Puberty (a review of normal pubertal physiology and development) 4. GnRH agonists (mechanism, past studies, use in precocious puberty, drug options, surgical placement) 5. GnRHa for gender non-confirmng youth (Rationale for, Studies of efficacy, Initiation and monitoring of GnRHa) 6. Psychosocial Side Effects of GnRHa 7. Medical Side Effects of GnRHa 8. Surgical Side Effects of GnRHa 9. Fertility and GnRHa treatment 10. Treatment with GnRH Agonists and Gender Affirming Hormones 11. Ethical considerations of GnRHa treatment and consent process 12. Emerging Developments

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