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Scratch no. 4: The Zine from Project Q – Milwaukee

By Project Q, 2014

Welcome to our fourth issue of Scratch! What is Scratch, you ask? Scratch is a queer youth produced zine from Project 0. Scratch is put together by Project Q’s Peer Counselors & Educator’s (PCE’s) and other youth leaders and broughl to you free of charge. Scratch was made for and designed by lesbian. gay. bisexual/pansexual, trans- gender, queer, questioning, unlabeled youth and their straight allies ages 24 & Under. When you read through th1s issue you will find that we have included lots of fun information for your enjoyment but have also focused on providing information about Alcohol, Tobacco. and other Drugs Prevention. This tssue was made possible from a grant by Safe & Sound, Inc. who we are deeply grateful to for their continued support of Project Q.

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