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Sex-Gender Differences in Level of Androgyny

By Alfred B. Heilbrun, Jr. and Harvey L. Schwartz, 1982

Three studies are reported that concern the level of androgyny characterizing college males and females over a 20-year span (1958-1978) and whether such males and females differ in androgynous potential when compared directly. In- spection of androgyny scores over the two-decade period indicated that females achieved appreciably higher levels of androgyny in the 1960s, but showed a plateau in androgyny level in the 1970s. Males, in contrast, showed androgynous growth in the 1970s after a decline in the 1960s. Direct comparison between the sexes indicated that males are generally more androgynous than females. This result was obtained whether questionnaire self-descriptions were used as the source of data or whether observer ratings were used following laboratory in- teraction.

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