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The Complete Guide to Transgender in the Workplace

By Vanessa Sheridan , 2009

As The Complete Guide to Transgender in the Workplace demonstrates, there is a strong business case for treating transgender workers with dignity. Its tips, guidelines, and policy examples will help organizations enhance the bottom line, while keeping the workplace harmonious. The most in-depth and informative volume on transgender workers ever written, the book offers useful tools, practical information, and a variety of resources that will enable business leaders and organizations to deal effectively with the transgender phenomenon. It will also help workers struggling with their identities and will give strength to those who are secure, but have yet to come out.


There is no doubt that this guide will become the leading resource for every business owner, CEO, manager, HR/EEO professional, and transgender worker. Better yet, it will improve the cultural climate and quality of life for transgender workers and the organizations that employ them, resulting in increased productivity and improved profitability.

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