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The Transgender-Industrial Complex

By Scott Howard, 2020

CW: Anti-semitism; trans-antagonism

A note from the Trans Reads editors: this may be one of the most noxious books on this website. We bring it to you to help shed light on how the anti-trans movement uses antisemitism to justify their behaviors. We have not had an issue with anti-trans activists reading from our site, so this book will remain here for now.

In his debut book, Nebraskan author Scott Howard exposes the actors financing the institutionalization of transgenderism. Behind the medical research into gender transitioning of children, ubiquitous pride parades, and Drag Queen Story Hours is a lot of money. Sex education, the homosexual and feminist precursor projects, and the global propaganda are all pushed and paid for by very wealthy and well-connected people with motive and will. Howard demonstrates that the transgender phenomenon is far from the “grass-roots movement” some of its advocates would have the public believe. Impeccably sourced and researched, The Transgender-Industrial Complex pulls the mask off the complex network of influential groups responsible for this inhuman project. Howard takes a deep dive into the murky depths of the Big Money behind Big Gay, exposing how the concept gained such recognition as well as the goals of the people behind it. At once wide-ranging and specific, advanced and accessible, The Transgender-Industrial Complex is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand why every institution with power, and a great many without, are uniform in their inversion of reality, their religion of lies, and their commitment to all that is ugly, broken, and foul.

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