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This is a Prison, Glitter is Not Allowed: Experiences of Trans and Gender Variant People in Pennsylvania’s Prison Systems

By The Hearts on a Wire Collective: Pascal Emmer, Adrian Lowe, and R. Barrett Marshall, 2011

Accounts of prison conditions from these contacts show the intensity of discrimination, abuse, medical neglect, and punitive isolation that our communities face on the inside. Incarcerated T/GV individuals report dismissal, intimidation, or retaliation when attempting to file grievances. In response to these injustices, formerly incarcerated T/GV Philadelphians and their allies began a conversation about ways to address these issues. Chief among the concerns raised were the ways that prisons remove incarcerated people from their support networks and communities. Breaking the isolation of our incarcerated community members has been a critical step in addressing health and safety issues from the outside.

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