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Critique Humanities Nonfiction Social Sciences

Transgender Lives, Transgender Cultures

By Diane Gavin, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Here is a bold prediction to begin this book review: Within a generation or two, current organizational questions and concerns raised about trans* culture will evolve into commonplace practices and the existing workplace issues and responses surrounding trans* individ- uals will seem parochial and provincial. Twenty or 30 years from now, future researchers will wonder what all the fuss was about cisgender and trans* issues in schools and in the workplace, similar to the puzzlement many present-day anthropologists and sociologists who study gender- fluid societies may have about First World institutions with trans* stu- dents and workers. Gender fluidity has always existed in cultures, even within American culture; however, in contemporary American corpo- rate or educational organizations, such identities have been tightly con- strained and contained.

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